What you need to know about the Journey Atlas Organised Tour Directory

What is Journey Atlas?

Journey Atlas Organised Tour Directory makes finding group tours easy and quick. 

We partner with tour operators to bring you the widest variety of organised tours.

Our difference is that we connect you with the tour operator directly, you book your tour with them and they take care of you pre and post departure, you don’t have to deal with an intermediary who may not be able to answer all of your questions and deal with any problems that may arise.

After all, who has better knowledge of organised tours than the people who create, operate and evaluate them?

You can also book through your travel agent, just email the selected tours to them and they will get the booking process started for you.

The advantage of booking directly with the tour operator or travel agent is that you are a valued customer and they will endeavour to ensure that your travel experience is flawless.

Why use Journey Atlas Organised Tour Directory?

We partner directly with tour operators to bring travellers a wide selection of tours. 

We are a non-affiliated search platform with a unique non-biased search algorithm. Which means when you enter a search query for a organised tour, the results returned are based on your specified criteria instead of criteria pre-determined by an OTA (online travel agent) which has been based on deals that have been arranged with specific suppliers.

Want more information?

We are always happy to hear from fellow travellers.

You can email us on support@journeyatlas.com or send us a question via our chatbox on www.journeyatlas.com

Membership Details

Journey Atlas is a proud associate member of CATO 

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