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What is an organised tour?

It’s an itinerary where a travel expert has done all the hard work for you, creating unique travel experiences, saving you lots of research time, frustration and disappointment in missing some really cool activities.
The itineraries can be single day or multi day. We make it easy for you to choose and then book directly with the travel expert who has created the organised tour.

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Why choose organised tours instead of independent travel?

Our collection of tour operators have over 50 years of experience in organising tours in destinations world-wide. They use a network of local travel experts to create itineraries that provide you with amazing experiences and give you local insights that you may miss travelling independently.
There are lots of myths regarding organised tours that generally come from not finding the right tour operator and tour style to match your travel plans and travel style. 
Want to know how to pick the right organised tour for you? Read our 9 tips for choosing a tour and tour operator.

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